Path and Policy

TIGER Life Coaching offers a customized path to healing. I develop a unique path based on your information on forms, our discussions, and the goals you share. It may be one or many sessions.

TIGER forms provide:

  1. an understanding of coaching,
  2. an agreement for the coaching process, and
  3. your background information.


Achieving your goals is largely dependent on you. This is about you finding new understandings that lead to better choices. I am your coach and mentor. Be willing to consider new points of view, new understandings, and new ways to behave. Be honest. Be as clear as you can be. More understanding usually develops as we progress.
Although I provide a place for you to work, it is always your responsibility to care for yourself.
Once an appointment is made, instructions and a phone number to call will be sent by email. It is your responsibility to call in for each session. Arriving late to a session does not change the appointment time or fee for. No attending a session is charged a cancellation fee (see below). Sessions can be rescheduled up to 12 hours before.

I provide a safe place for you. I offer insight and teaching into ways to improve understanding, resolve conflict, and view future situations with hope. I offer thinking exercises to help you change your experience. This may involve homework and other outside programs as needed.

Your unique plan will be structured from your goals. You decide if it is right for you. Its success depends on your willingness to be coachable and be actively engaged.

The forms provide the basics for our work together. Forms are expected to be started before the first session. The Agreement Form must be completed before the first session. Other forms may be completed as we move forward, but before an individualized plan is formed — the earlier, the better.

The next step is two free sessions with me:

  1. Initial free session: (15-30 minute)
    Let’s see if we can make a good team for the work you have in mind.
  2. Second free session: (30-45 minute)
    Give me more of what you want to accomplish. We will go over the forms together. Get a taste of what working together would be like.

    During this session, the question for you to decide will be: “Do you want to pursue coaching with me?”

If you wish to proceed, the information you provide in the first two sessions and on the forms will be used to make a plan for our work together. The third and any following sessions are to be paid in advance. Minimum purchase is $25.
Cancellations less than 24 hours before the scheduled session will be charged a $25 fee. Not attending a scheduled session is treated the same as a cancellation with the $25 fee. Arriving late to a session does not change the fee for that session.
To cancel or reschedule [instructions].
Prepaid packages may be available at a discount rate.
If any time you or I decide our process is not working for you, either of us may stop. Any unused payments will be refunded. Cancellation fees apply to missed scheduled sessions.
If you wish I will attempt to refer you to another coach or professional. Coaching fees are not refundable.