About TIGER Life Coaching

The TIGER of TIGER Life Coaching stands for Teaching Insights for Growing Extraordinary Relationships.

I work with individuals who want practical understanding, tools, and coaching to better their relationship with themselves, others, and the world. We work with cognitive exercises that, when learned and applied can become the way to healing past and healthier future experiences.

When a new point of view or tool is learned, past understandings, present experiences, and future possibilities are changed. What was once a block can be a path. What was once a painful point of view or experience can become a matter-of-fact learning experience that no longer drains strength and the ability to respond. You are better for it. Others benefit by it.

The world is better for your healing. The more healthy individuals in this world make for a better world for all.

I am a wife, mother, teacher, coach, and family practice physician in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. It is a joy to provide ways for people to achieve their goals in life. I love seeing people step into areas where they wanted to go but previously didn’t feel able.

I had the same experience myself. I had been struggling with life and my perspectives for years. I wondered “Why is life so hard?” I had so much that I could be thankful for, but I didn’t know how to tap into it or the dreams I had. When I was given a safe place to look at what held me back, I found concepts and injuries that limited me. The tangled mess looked like a big hairy deal! With coaching, I was able to follow the problems to the core tangle. When that core was dealt with, the mess fell apart. I was able to see my life in a new way. I could choose better. I could do better. I could imagine better. I am better! I chose healthier and more generous ways. I am enjoying the progress.

I have seen others have similar progress with the coaching I provided. I want to provide that for you. Let’s get you untangled.

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About Maithili Fulton, MD

My name is Maithili Fulton. Maithili is a family name from my father’s family in India. My mother is from Norway which made for a multicultural experience growing up. My previous experiences include work with the deaf communities in California, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, a BA in Social Work, and eventually Medical Doctorate, and family practice residency in Oklahoma. I am board certified by the American Board of Family Physicians and work in outpatient clinics in the Tulsa area.

Now, with my children grown to adulthood, I am coaching through TIGER Life Coaching. Through TIGER (which, as you know, stands for Teaching Insights for Growing Extraordinary Relationships), I am able to provide teaching and personal coaching to people.


Tigers are cool.
Tigers are powerful, strong, and decisive.
People are powerful, strong, and decisive.
Unless they get sidelined.
That’s what this program is about. Un-sidelining you.
Finding out what prevents you from stepping out and doing the things that you wish you could do,
Making healthy choices that make you free.
Because you do have power, even if you don’t think you do.
You may think you don’t, but really it’s been tied up in knots.
If it wasn’t there, you wouldn’t feel so frustrated that you don’t have access to it.
So let’s get it un-knotted, then you can be the tiger you were meant to be—
Powerful, strong, decisive.
‘Cause tigers are cool.